LutiBand is available for pre-order - shipping starts in November 2021.


LutiBand requires a monthly subscription service that includes international cellular data and a calling service plan to stay connected. No additional SIM card or cellular plan is needed.

*You may cancel your month-to-month subscription anytime. However, canceling will terminate the SIM and it cannot be reactivated.

LutiBand stays connected to our roaming cellular network that connects to the local operator from your location.

No additional SIM card or cellular plan required from your carrier.

What’s included on your subscription:

LutiBand Subscription

$ 19
  • Real-Time Location
  • Geofence and notifications
  • History Tracking
  • Trusted Places and notifications
  • Unlimited Sharing and notifications
  • I’m OK
  • Help
  • Emergency calling
  • Emergency service integration *
  • Fall Detection
  • Biometrics
  • Medical ID
  • Medication reminders
  • Opening notifications
  • Low battery notifications
  • Turn off notifications
  • Text messages
  • Audio messages
  • Question messages
  • Mobile app comminication