LutiBand STORY

At the age of 37, I suffered a sudden heart attack without any indication of any health or heart issues. It was one of those occurrences that creates a “before and after” in your life.

I was fortunate that, although I did not know what was happening, I had a caring individual who could get me the help I needed. In addition, I was lucky to have received the required medical attention that allowed me to lead a great life to this day.

I realized that I was very lucky, and not everyone has the same luck, although we all deserve the same opportunity. My experience got me thinking about those who may find themselves in similar situations as I was.

Convinced that everything in life happens for a reason and knowing that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” I set a goal for my life. I vowed to contribute my bit, my grain of sand, to make lives simpler and safer.

Having spent most of my life in the technology industry and with a clear goal, I set out to create a company that would help solve problems by creating solutions. It was then that LutiBand was created with a mission to make our lives easier and safer by designing products that seamlessly give accessibility to the things that matter most.

I wanted to take things one step further by offering access to those who may not be afforded the same opportunities as others by contributing to organizations that help and grant services to people in need.

We know that alone we cannot change the world, but with everyone contributing their grain of sand, we can. With clear objectives, all our products carry the same mission of making our lives easier and safer, with quality and style, while helping those in need.

Gustavo Rubacha
Founder & CEO


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